minced meat recipe

*You will need these ingredients:

°1 pound of ground beef.

°1 medium garlic clove.

°ground black pepper.

°Sazon-perfecta” seasoning.

°2 cups medium sized pasta shells.

°A quarter cup of canola oil.

°4 cups of water.

°2 tablespoons of Knorr Chicken Stock.

°4 tablespoons of Knorr Tomato Bouillon granules.

°3 cubes of serrano pepper.

°Chopped medium onion.

°Can. from Rotel.

°chopped cilantro.

°Garlic & onion powder to taste.

°2 packages of red season sauce.°

°Medium size paper.

*Steps to prepare this delicious recipe:

Step 1:

Brown the ground beef with minced garlic, black pepper, and sazon perfecta seasoning to start the preparation.

Step 2:

Meanwhile, in a large skillet, you need to brown the pasta shells in 1/4 cup oil as you would brown rice roni.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to remove the fat from the minced meat. In the pasta shells, you’ll want to incorporate the beef.

The fourth step:

You should then add the water, granular Knorr Chicken Stock, diced serrano chili peppers, granulated Knorr Tomato Stock, rutile, a handful of chopped cilantro, sassoon rot, bay.  Next, adjust the amount of garlic and onion powder as per your preference.

Fifth step:

Also, please stir before painting. Finally, cook over medium-high heat until the crust is tender, then serve and Enjoy !

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